Our spirituality

Mystery of communion: God and neighbours

Our spirituality is rooted in the Teresian Carmel, lived in the style of the Teresian Carmelites. Francisco Palau. It focuses on the experience of the ecclesial mystery as a mystery of communion: God and neighbours. This is concretised in the call to fraternal communion, the contemplative attitude in friendly contact with God and listening to his Word, the missionary spirit, which makes us go out to those who need us most.

Being prophets and visible signs of communion also means moving forward in the shared missionThe aim of the project is to promote a sense of community, valuing complementarity and strengthening the communitarian sense of life and mission.

Making the Eucharist the centre of life (MRel 3, 1-12; 4, 22-24. 28; 11,4), as the ultimate realisation of union with God and our brothers and sisters, urges us to make it a living expression in fraternity and in sharing with the poor, thus anticipating the universal banquet of the Kingdom.

Presence of Maryas the perfect figure and type of the Church, a model of dedication to the will of God and of free and generous dedication to others.

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