Who we are

The Carmelite Missionary Sisters are the fruit of the search process and the inner experience of Francisco Palau Quer, a 19th century Discalced Carmelite mystic and prophet.

Always open to the existential question
Always on the way to the border
Always contemplative in mission

Francisco Palau intuited, understood and assimilated the commandment of Jesus in the key of COMMUNION: love of God - love of neighbour. This intimate conviction encouraged his life and his work: Your love is ONE and it is called CHURCH.

We try to live the centrality of the Mystery of the Church: Contemplation and proclamation of its beauty; and generous service to the Mystical Body of Christ. The mystery of the Church is for us like the prism through which we contemplate the whole reality of Christian life, our consecration and our commitment to serve our brothers and sisters in the concrete history in which we live.

Carmelite Missionary Sisters... more than just a name

A Dream in France (1840 - 1851)
A Pastoral launch in Barcelona ( 1851...)
A restlessness in Ibiza ( 1854 - 1860)
A reality in Menorca ( 1860 - 1861)
... and from Vallcarca
"Els Penitents, step by step, a universal projection (1862 - 1872).

From the contagion of the Mystical experience (Citadel) and as a result of it, groups of men and women who tried to live it and share it with others were consolidated, giving rise to the birth of the Missionary Carmel. In 1862 the Founder established two communities of Brothers and Sisters in Barcelona (Vallcarca - "Els Penitents" area).

At the death of Francisco Palau, ten years later, the Congregation of the Carmelite Missionary Sisters was already a reality made up of several communities of women who united in themselves the contemplative spirit in mission and the fraternal style of the Teresian Carmel.

We have Mary as: Type and model of the Church; Queen and Lady of Carmel. Teacher of Virtues and mirror in which we can contemplate the Church.

This conjunction soon led to the development of a strong missionary dynamism. At present, the Carmelite Missionary Sisters are spread in several countries on the five continents.

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