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Francisco Palau Escritor III

Pertenecen a la serie -De índole confidencial- la mayoría de las cartas y papeles. Los que se ocupan de asuntos familiares, trámites legales, relacionados con personas y cargos públicos. De igual modo todas las páginas inéditas. La vida solitaria y las apologías,...

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Francisco Palau. Writer II

Certain difficulties of interpretation stem from the wording of the document itself. This must be pointed out. Some deficiencies are due to his incomplete preparation. The abrupt interruption of his religious life produced a serious gap in his intellectual formation and...

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Francisco's literary activity is well known to us. Eulogio Pacho published a bibliographical, critical and exhaustive monograph on this aspect of his work. His conclusions are supported by solid foundations. These writings reveal the strength...

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The Carlist Wars were a series of civil wars that took place in Spain throughout the 19th century, producing numerous deep wounds and costing a great deal in human lives. The entire Spanish territory suffered such a painful situation of...

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Palau-Puigllat II

In order to interpret the events described on the previous page, it is essential to place them in the context of the vicissitudes of the pontificate of Bishop Puigllat, rich in tense relations with his clergy. Fr. Coll Mn. Escolá - creator and director of the academy...

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Palau - Puigllat I

The reality to be dealt with now has its origin in an unfortunate episode, motivated by an isolated sermon. It happened in Aitona. It was compelled by particular and painful circumstances. At the request of the municipal and ecclesiastical authorities - in 1865 - Palau improvised a... Palau improvised a...

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Francisco Palau Founder XI

*Almost at the same time as the conclusion of the school in Aitona, the Sisters established themselves in the hospital of Vendrell - Tarragona. The year 1869. Ildefonso Gatell, a former companion of Palau, seems to have been the promoter of this school. In the School of Virtue, yes - In the opinion of Fr. Eulogio ....

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Francisco Palau Founder X

Even then, Palau had already clarified the identity of his work. He had reckoned with misunderstandings and ruptures. He had gone through everything in order to save what he considered essential. In this particular situation, the double aspect of his spiritual formula: contemplation and service...

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Francisco Palau Founder IX

Palau understood that his work could not remain confined to the islands. He encountered various obstacles. One was too much dependence on the prelate. -Already mentioned. Another, and no less important, was the attitude of the islanders: outside their borders, the...

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Francisco Palau founder VIII

FRANCISCO PALAU FOUNDER VIII While the Founder travelled the peninsula as a preacher of the word of God, Juana Gratias tempered her spirit in the solitude of Es Cubells. Correspondence between them was frequent and extensive -1860-. Later, they did not know each other...

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Lay people at the heart of the Church

FRANCISCO PALAU The laity, at the heart of the Church The laity are indispensable in the Church. Today and yesterday. They make up its immense majority. Their base and support: the holy faithful people of God. Thanks to the laity, both the ordained ministers and the...

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Palau's great concern during his last years was to give consistency and unity to the communities. He made several changes. He wanted each one to have the right personnel. He fought against elements who sowed discord. Some of them he had to...

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Founder VI

FRANCISCO PALAU, FOUNDER VI The convent of Santa Cruz de Vallcarca was built by Gabriel Brunet. An expert mason. It must have been completed during the year 61. Motherhouse for the congregation: The Founder's dream. The building was erected at a short distance from the...

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Founder V

FRANCISCO PALAU FOUNDER V Aware that it is his ecclesial mission, Fr Palau gives life to groups of Brothers and Sisters. They of charity. They of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St. Teresa. In recent times, all the foundational work palautiana, has been designated as...

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Founder IV

FRANCISCO PALAU FOUNDER IV His experience of the mystery of the Church ran in unison with the search situation. True! And it was through this mystery that the path to follow was revealed to him. Both on a personal level and in relation to his groups. Francis did...

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Francisco Palau Founder III

    The scenery of Francisco Palau's life changes. The year was 1860. Eight years had passed since the suppression of the groups in Lérida and Aitona. Years full of events and experiences. Now, free from his confinement in Ibiza, he regains his freedom:...

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Francisco Palau, Founder II

It seems that our protagonist tried to be incardinated in the diocese of Lérida. And Bishop Uriz would have been hostile to him. He then settled in Barcelona and began his great catechetical work: The School of Virtue, one of his best projects...

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Francisco Palau Founder I

FRANCISCO P. FOUNDER I To compile this fundamental aspect Palautian I have turned to the book, Palautian Studies of P. Eulogio Pacho ocd. As I expected, I have found the summit of his work written about our Founder. Both content and mode...

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Formentera Mission

Mission of Formentera Francisco Palau's missionary project in Ibiza in 1865 was reduced. Unfinished. As we have already seen. Four villages remained unmissioned. Although they planned to finish the following year, this was not the case. The documentation in our possession gives...

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Francisco Palau in epidemics II

  In Aitona in 1868, the situation of three years earlier was repeated. Countless epidemics requested Francisco's presence. Both family members and fellow countrymen. Palau's presence, unconditional attention to them. And a similar intervention by...

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