Secular Missionary Carmel

Private international association of lay people committed to the Palautian charism and spirituality.

We are a private international association of lay people committed to the Palautian charism and spirituality.

As an association we have our statutes approved by the Pontifical Council for the Laity. There are groups in America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

We participate in the charismatic and spiritual richness of the Carmelite Missionary Sisters of which we are a part. Our point of reference is Jesus Christ, whom we follow according to the charism and lifestyle of Francisco Palau. We live our lay vocation in the midst of our families, professions and social relationships, always in the Catholic Church and for the Church, with a contemplative and missionary spirit, having Mary as our model.

CMS Statutes (English)

CMS Statutes (English)

CMS Statutes (Portuguese)

CMS Statutes (Korean)

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    Latest news from Secular Carmelite Missionary Carmel

    The CMS in action

    The Secular Missionary Carmel of the Demarcation of Our Lady of Virtues, in its triennium programme, carries out fraternal visits, which consist of going to the places where the groups are located to get to know the reality that each one lives. Those in charge are...

    From Trigueros with Prokarde

    On Christmas Eve, in Trigueros (Huelva), where the Carmelite Missionary Carmelites have a community, a solidarity race was held in favour of our NGO Prokarde, which involved the whole town: the Town Council, the members of the Secular Missionary Carmelites who took part in it, the...

    Praying with Saint John of the Cross

    On 13 December the CMS group of Granada shared a time of prayer with St. John of the Cross. Starting with the Prayer of the Soul in Love, we were introduced to this mystery of love that the Lord works in John of the Cross and that invites us to do so with...

    "We are family...We march together".

    Under this motto, the 10th assembly of the Secular Missionary Carmel of the Santa Teresa de los Andes delegation in Chile was held on the 3rd and 4th of this month. The meeting was held in the town of Huépil and was hosted by the CMS community Francisco...

    Starting the journey

    The IV International Assembly of the Secular Carmelite Missionary Carmel concluded on Sunday 20 November. For the first time and due to the circumstances, it was held in a virtual way through the zoom platform. Some thirty people participated from the 16th to the 20th of November....

    CMS Europe

    "The voice of God leaves no void in the soul, it fills it and does not waver". With the words of Francisco Palau, the European Assembly of the Secular Carmelite Missionary Carmel began on 11-12 November in the Diocesan Seminary of Avila. After two years without an assembly, some 80...

    4th International Assembly of the CMS

    The IV International Assembly of the Secular Carmelite Missionary Carmel will take place from the 16th to the 20th of November, under the theme "Christ in the Church and Chile being the host country, through the Zoom platform. After 6 years since the last International Assembly. The first...

    CMS continues to grow

    On November 13th the Secular Missionary Carmelite Carmel (CMS) of the province "Santa Rosa de Lima" Peru, integrates two new members: Dayana del Carmen Carillo and Alcides Ramón Bolívar. The celebration took place in the community of Villa María del Triunfo-Lima and in the name of...

    "United in one heart

    In the province of Our Lady of Virtues (Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil and Mexico) we celebrated the closing of the year dedicated to Blessed Francisco Palau, 150 years since his death, united with our Carmelite Missionary Sisters. 21 companions of the demarcation have made a...

    We are greeted by the CMS of Valladolid

    Dear Sisters: On 5 November we celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Easter of Francisco Palau in the Church of San Benito el Real, in a Eucharist presided over by Archbishop Don Luis Argüello and concelebrated by Fr. Javier Frontela, Superior of the Carmelites,...

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