Decalogue of the Carmelite Missionary Sister on the Move

March, I send you


Oh, how fortunate for me!
I have already found you.
I love you, you know that:
my life is the least of it
what I can offer you
in correspondence
to your love.

Francisco Palau
Sc. Pag 722

The encounter with Christ, with the Church, fulfils the life of the Carmelite missionary, who, in the joy of her vocation, goes joyfully to meet those who suffer, because she has in her heart the certainty of her call.


Great comfort is for us
to be able to walk in the ways of the Spirit
in a stable and secure manner.
We are not dependent on anyone in this;
we are free for God.

Francisco Palau,
Sc. p. 1084

Convinced of the path marked out by the Spirit, the Carmelite missionary makes a free and serene decision and sets out to meet the suffering Church.


God knows how well disposed I am

to serve his Church

and that in matters of its glory,

I see everything as flat and easy.

Writings p. 1112

The Carmelite missionary has only one ecclesial mission in her hands and with an enterprising impetus, she sets out on this challenging journey with others.


In the midst of the villages

I am your militant daughter on earth

and I weep with those who weep and

I suffer with those who suffer.

Writings p. 827

Making her own the sufferings of her brothers and sisters, attentive to the reality of the world, listening to the cries of the poor, the Carmelite missionary goes out in solidarity with her neighbours.


The preaching of the Gospel takes, varies,

changes, modifies and orders its forms,

as provisions change or vary,

demands and needs of the people to whom it is addressed.

Writings p. 392

Inserted in a changing world, the Carmelite missionary knows that she must adapt herself to the new peripheries by pouring all her creativity into the joyful proclamation of the Kingdom.


God is the Prince of Peace

and dwells only in hearts

united by love.

Together you will march together,

chained with the chains of God's love.

Writings p. 1002

In the age of communications and social networks, the Carmelite missionary strives to create bonds of communion and to open spaces of welcome, dialogue, prayer and discernment.


Wherever you go,

you will bring order and peace,

and with peace be glory.

Writings p. 1201

Committed to the defence of life, the care of creation and the promotion of peace, justice and solidarity, the Carmelite missionary becomes a prophet with her testimony of life.


Our Lady of Virtues, had already established herself in her exile,

mistress, queen and mother of all the peasants, and she had them already defeated and enslaved to her love......

On their march, all the young men of the city who were vying for the happiness of the city offered themselves as guards of honour.
to carry his throne on his shoulders.

Writings p. 1403

Witnessing to her vocational joy and striving for the continuity of the charism, the Carmelite missionary approaches the world of young people, generating in them processes of transformation.


It's good to get out of the house of spiritual self-love

to be all of God and in God.

Prayer for the needs of the Church

be short and frequent and otherwise be concerned for the good of others.

Writings p. 998

In her identification with Christ and in her personal integration, the Carmelite missionary is a woman of prayer, from whose experience her ecclesial commitment and her journey to meet her neighbour flows.


As in the natural order, plants are sown,

are watered and cultivated, and they grow in the midst of a continuous vicissitude of time,

Thus in the moral order charity is sown, cultivated, in the soul.

Writings p. 1074

Our world is sick, and with it the society itself, that is why the Carmelite missionary commits herself to care for, promote and protect the environment and with greater commitment, her deprived, immigrant and displaced brothers and sisters, making this a more just, healthy and clean place for all.

"That the love to Christ, to Maria and the church to polarise our life."

- Founder, Francisco Palau y Quer 

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