Famous martyrs

"Blessed lives that in the service of the Church are over"

Sr. Hope of the Cross, cm

He was born in Ventolá (Gerona), the 27 of February of 1875. At the age of 20, she enters the novitiate of the Carmelite Missionaries of Gracia-Barcelona. She professes as religious CM the 3 December 1896. 

He exercised his mission during the first years in caring for the sick, but then he devoted himself fully to teaching. Facing the difficulties of teaching in these tough times of the Spain of the 30 years. 

The political horizon became encrispando and she without delay is ready to martyrdom. In 1936 being Superior of the Community-school of Vilarrodona (Tarragona), she was arrested by the "Red Committee" she suffered vexations and was shot dead, next to the road in LA RABASSADA (BARCELONA) the 31 of July of 1936. 

It characterizes his kindness lost, compression, brotherly love and service.


Sr. Maria Refugio de San Angelo, Cm

The 20 of 1878 was born in Gabarra (Lérida). He entered the novitiate of the Carmelite Missionaries of Grace-Barcelona in 1897. She professes as a religious Carmelite missionary the 20 December 1898. 

He is characterized by transparency, simplicity and a woman of prayer. Fearful and cowed at the danger of martyrdom, but willing to "whatever God wants". 

Being vicar of the community of Vilarrodona, she is arrested next to Sr. Esperanza, by the "Red Committee" and shot dead by the La Rabassada highway (Barcelona) on the 31 day of July of 1936. 

These two sisters had no more witnesses, at the time of his death, than their murderers and the Lord Jesus, who gave them strength to face this moment. 


Sr. Daniela de San Bernabé, Cm

He was born in Berriatúa (Vizcaya), the 4 April 1890. At the 20 years she entered the novitiate of the Carmelite Missionaries in Gracia-Barcelona. He made his religious profession in the 16 October of 1916.

The memory of her companions was to be a dedicated person, simple, humble, with great spirit of sacrifice, cheerful, cheerful, kind and hardworking. 

He always developed his mission in the field of health. In his last years he dedicated himself to the assistance of sick at home. Being delivered completely to the assistance of a serious patient in Pedralbes, who made her go daily from Gracia (Barcelona) to Pedralbes by tram, with Sr. Gabriela, they were arrested by the "Red Committee" and shot dead in La Rabassada (Barcelona), the 31 of Julio de 1936. 


Sr. Gabriela from San Juan de la Cruz, Cm

(Francisca Pons Sardá)

He was born in Espluga de Francolí (Tarragona) on the 18 day of July of 1880. To the 26 years he entered the novitiate in Gracia-Barcelona. She professes as a Carmelite Missionary Sister the 6 October Day of 1908. 

It is characterized by being cheerful, free, very determined, fraternal and charitable. Before the events of antireligious tension, her family invited her to the temporary return to the house, to be safe and her response was always the same "That she was willing to give her life and die with the sisters ... That if God had her destined to martyrdom, He would give him the necessary grace. "  

He found death at the hands of the "Red Committee" with Sister Daniela when they went from Gracia to Pedralbes, back and forth by tram to take care of a serious patient. She was denounced, as a religious, by an employee of the trams. Murdered the 31 day of July of 1936 in La Rabassada (Barcelona).

Anthem in honor of the Spanish martyrs of the 21st century


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They fixed their eyes on Christ
and they did not go back
They knew who they trusted
And that reason could more.

They were blindfolded
tied hands and feet.
But the heart beating
filled with love and faith.

Like the martyrs,
our brothers
of Hispanic land,
we want to be:
give our lives
join hands
and prepare
for a new dawn.

If today our steps hesitate
if today we are tired of faith.
We must fix our eyes
in Christ and with strength to believe.

Remove bandages from eyes
rid our hands and feet.
And with a willing heart
follow like them after Him.

Like the martyrs,
our brothers
of Hispanic land,
we want to be:
give our lives
join hands
and prepare
for a new dawn


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