Steam Cooker installation for the boarding


Provincia “San Francisco Javier” India


<p>o To preserve and conserve the environmen<br /> o To save firewood<br /> o To avoid chopping of trees<br /> o To prevent global warming and climate change</p> <p>Empowered children for tomorrow and preservation of ecology</p>


<p>Dediapada is a tribal area where they do not have the opportunity for the children's education in their own villages. Therefore we cater to 450 girls in the Hostel and provide pre-primary, 1st to 5th grade and High school education. Cooking food with the firewood has become a great challenge for them as gathering firewood leads to environment hazard. </p> <p>In order to solve the problem of cooking for a large number of students, Sisters thought of an alternative system. That is to purchase a Steam Pressure Cooker which will take less time for cooking, no health hazards and can maintain the Eco friendly atmosphere. </p> <p>1. 450 Children of Age groups: 5-10 years, 11-13 years, 14- 17 years<br /> 2. Parents of the children</p>


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