March 13, 2022 is the regular formation session of the CMS, Kitengela, every second Sunday of the month. This day turned out to be a very special gathering for the CMS in Kitengela.

AT the beginning of the session the 4 women from Turkana (a nomadic tribe) who were invited to come to Kitengela to learn to sew and to be expose to other cultures, demonstrated the skirts they had finished. Everybody were all smiles in admiration!

This week coincides with  the pastoral visit of Sr Lila Rosa Ramirez, our superior general, to the CM community in Kitengela.  “We are privileged as CMS to welcome her, meet her, see her and listen to her encouraging words.  Wow! we exclaimed in chorus: “Sr. Lila has come to us, we don’t need to go to Rome to be able to know hyou”.

For this day of formation, our group adviser prepared topics to enhance and strengthen our practices in our Lenten pilgrimage with Jesus for 40 days.  The topics were the 7 spiritual works of mercy & the 7 corporal works of mercy; and forgiveness.  The electricity was not available and Sister  was very creative. Instead of using the powerpoint presentation, she made a short explanation of the topics and allowed us to share in small groups and in the Assembly how we had experienced and practiced them in our life. One of the CMS  gave the following feedback:

                “Thanks for the sharing sister. The day was good, we learned more about forgiveness from various experiences in our daily life and it was very touching”.

                Sr. Lila came in the middle of the conference and greeted us. Our faces showed our  surprise, happiness and gratitude for her presence.  Sr. Lila welcome us  as members of the Missionary Carmel family and to walk together in faith and service to our neighbours.

To conclude we had a short prayer for adoration at chapel and were again joined by Sr Lila for photo taking, to give her the simple gift that we  had prepared for her and to bid ” our good bye”. As customary in our african culture, we  spontaneously extended  our hand accompanied by a song to give her the “blessing”.

The 12 CMS who were present were touched on such a gift of encounter with Sr. Lila.  Thank you Sr. Lila for giving us your time!.

                                                                      CMS KITENGELA

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