El Papa Francisco realizó el 32° Viaje Apostólico Internacional de su pontificado. En esta ocasión el Santo Padre ha visitado los países de Tailandia y Japón, del 19 al 26 de noviembre de 2019-

A su llegada al Aeropuerto de Bangkok, el Pontífice fue recibido por un miembro del Consejo de la Corona que le hizo entrega de una ofrenda de flores “garland”.

El Papa Francisco llega a Tailandia para confirmar en la fe al pequeño rebaño de fieles, apoyar el diálogo y el encuentro interreligioso y promover la paz y la protección de la vida y del medio ambiente, estas son algunas de las líneas guías de la Visita Apostólica del Sucesor de Pedro que sigue las huellas de Juan Pablo II.

Las hermanas de Tailandia nos escriben como han vivido esta visita, leamos lo que dicen……………….


“The Face of Compassion”

Pilgrim of Companionship and Fraternity. This was written in the cover page of the Guidebook given to us at St. Peter’s Parish, Sampran District, Nakhon Pathom City (west of Bangkok) on the occasion of Pope Francis’ second day of Apostolic Visit to Thailand. His visit, albeit very short, on Nov. 22-23, 2019, was an event that people, not only Catholics, looked forward to. To see him from a distance was enough but to see him up close for the first time, was an enormous experience for many. Our Sisters, Apichaya Poolpokpool and Fe Mativo, had an opportunity to accompany the youth in Bangkok, before the Pope’s arrival until he left. Sr. Paquita Aradillos was with the parish delegates and CMS (9 teachers from Daruna Ratchaburi School) at the National Stadium on Nov. 21. Although there were rumors that he was not going to push through with the journey because of political reasons but this did not dampen our spirits. Just barely a month before his coming we already saw some announcements in print and social media confirming his visit.

This Apostolic journey of His holiness is the highlight of the 350th Anniversary of the Vatican’s Mission to Siam. As of 2018, it is reported that there are almost 380 thousand Catholics spread all over Thailand, roughly 0.46% of the total 69 million people that populate the country. There are only twelve (12) dioceses in Thailand but Pope Francis, in his Message to us, Religious, Priests, Seminarians and Catechists, said that instead of thinking of ourselves as few in  number, we should rather feel  as “ little tools in the Lord’s creative hands. He will be writing with your lives the finest pages of the history of salvation in these lands.” These words, which were delivered in Spanish, filled my heart with humility and courage. And he added: we need to “always seek that quiet place where we can remember that the Lord has already saved the world, and that we are asked, in union with Him, to make this salvation felt by all.” Ultimately, the work of Evangelization is God’s and we are just his co-workers.