As the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few, the Lord of the harvest goes on calling people to work in His vineyard here we have Sister Juliet Olivia encouraging us as she makes her Religious profession on 30th November 2019.

HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS Juliet Olivia for your generous and courageous YES to the Lord, may you be accompanied by the Jesus and Mary, Mother of Carmel, be your guide and model to follow the footsteps of your Spouse.



 With a grateful heart and thanksgiving to God for his graciousness in my life, I am overjoyed that God chose an ordinary being like me to be his bride. I thank Him for his love, strength and His gift of inner peace throughout the period of my formation. He is truly God, for if not by His grace, I would not have been able to persevere to this day that I have made my first vows.

       I started  the preparation of my profession with 3days retreat which helped me to get in touch with my inner being and was strengthened all the more in the journey I was about to begin. The long awaited day finally arrived. The day I will never forget in my life.  The day I gave back to Jesus the free life He gave to me.

      On 30th November the celebration started with the Holy Mass which commenced at 11:30am, officiated by Rev Fr Lion Auxence, SMA. I was graced and encouraged by his spirit filled homily. In immerse JOY AND PEACE I made my commitment to Jesus offering to Him my life that He may ‘accomplish His will perfectly in me’ (St. Therese of the child Jesus). The celebration was graced with some sisters from other communities and the representives of the Carmelite Missionaries Secular. The sisters really worked hard to make the ceremony very colorful and special. We enjoyed varieties of food and the novice portrayed their talent that filled us with laughter.

    I thank God for the success of this great day, my parent, siblings and relatives, the congregation and the General  Superior and Council, my Delegate Superior and Council, my wonderful formators, all the sisters and my dearest companions for their prayers . It was so amazing, interesting and a memorable celebration. God has done all things perfectly.

Juliet Olivia Agbo

General Delegation Our lady Mother of the Church, Kenya

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