The Lord continues to call young people to work for and in the Church. Now this call and these testimonies come to us from Africa, three young girls, with a future ahead of them, have felt the call of the Lord who says "Come and follow me" and have not hesitated, wanting to be faithful to this inner call. On 1 June 2020, in the midst of the Covid 19 crisis, they consecrated themselves to the Lord in the Missionary Carmel. They express their testimony......


"I will sing the praises of him who has called me out of darkness into his marvellous light..." (1 Pet 2:9). I cannot measure the joy, gratitude and happiness I feel in my heart and words cannot fully express because it is overwhelming. It takes courage to answer a calling, it takes courage to leave what good fortune can give and venture into the unknown. I say I will always treasure God's unconditional love for me because He has been true to His promise. Really, who am I and my family for God to notice me? He planted the seed of faith in me and over the years has shaped, protected and nurtured me until this day that I say YES to Him. He is worthy to be praised and honoured.

Looking back, I thank God for the call to Carmel Missionary, even though I am unworthy; He continued to encourage me to carry on with the words of John 15:16: "You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit...". This has been my source of confidence and an impulse to keep searching, with the conviction that He has a special mission that He wants me to fulfil in His body, the Church.

In fact, it was all rejoicing and joy. Even with the scares of COVID 19 everywhere, what a great joy, everything was perfectly filled with the needs. In the homily, the priest emphasised what is necessary on this journey we are embarking on: prayer, faithfulness, openness, fortitude and having a forgiving heart.

I deeply felt the spirit of communion when our sisters and friends called to express their solidarity by sharing the joy we were celebrating.

I thank God for this call he has given me throughout my life until today. I owe my family for the loving care and the seed of faith they planted in me, for all the support they gave me and for allowing me to respond to my vocation.

May God enlighten your life and bless you abundantly. As I begin this new stage, I trust in the support of your prayers to persevere in my vocation and to live faithfully my religious consecration to the end.


                                                                                                                             Mr. Juliana Musavi Ayuku


This God who has done the greatness of calling me to be a Carmelite Missionary. The 1st of June seemed far away, but when the day came, I realised that time flies. I also realised that time makes dreams come true. Being a novice I have had many dreams since the day I started my journey in the Congregation on 30 May 2018. I dreamt of being a better person, working so much on personal growth and many other dreams, but there was one which was to be a Carmelite Missionary. This is the one that has been fulfilled today, the others will come little by little.

I thank God for the opportunity He has given me because I know I am not worthy, but He looked at me and enticed me. He revealed His plan for me. I thank the Superior General, Sr. Lila Rosa Ramirez and her Council for admitting me to religious profession. Our Delegation Superior and her Council also deserve many thanks because they supported me, accompanied me, and contrasted my life to reach this great day. Thank you very much sisters. I also sing together with all the people my soul sings to the Lord for his wondrous works with me. Thanks to the training team and to my sisters, my colleagues and all the people who have helped me to become the person I am today.

God bless you all.

                                                                                                                                             Mr. Modester Nkhata



When the Church celebrated the day of the Blessed Virgin, Mary Mother of the Church, I celebrated my birth in the Missionary Carmel. I will sing the mercies of the Lord, for his love, goodness and increasing joy. It was a great moment for me!

A proverb says: "The joy of a pregnant woman is complete only when she sees her child by her side after delivery". By the Holy Spirit joy filled my heart and I felt heaven on earth, seeing the people who supported us and celebrated with us, along with our sisters who from different places phoned us and sent their congratulatory messages. I was afraid that the celebration might be delayed because of the pandemic, but God made this unforgettable moment of our profession of vows possible. I am happy and I feel loved.

Josephat SMA, the celebrant of the Eucharist, who in his homily invited us to reflect on the challenges we have experienced and perhaps thought of abandoning the choice we made. He urged us to be prayerful, patient and open to the sisters because that is the secret of success and community life of the Triune God.

Thank you to my family for their generosity and support and I thank all my friends who have helped me in my time of need. I pray that God will bless you.

Lila Rosa, my Superior General and her Council together with my Delegation Superior, Sr. Theresa Adanna Ani, and her Council for accepting me into the Carmelite Missionary Family, and all our sisters with whom I have shared life throughout the period of my formation. In addition, I would like to thank all my formators, especially Sr Innocencia Chabuka, the Novice Mistress. It has been a journey of storms and strong winds, but God calmed them all, with the help of Mary the Mother, therefore, I praise God.

Finally, I thank my companions Juliana Musavi and Modesta Nkhata for the life we have shared and the novices for their cooperation; may God continue to unite us and may His Spirit guide us to do His will.

Mr. Odo Sylvia Ndidiamaka

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