"I will assure him of my love for ever" Psalm 88

God's promise to his people, reflected in the person of King David, continues to be effective in our time. The Lord keeps his promise in every second of our history and at this time he does so through 16 young people and 4 Carmelite Missionary Sisters who come to mission in this part of the parish of San Francisco Javier de Peralillo, Chile, the communities of Los Cardos Casas-Santa Victoria, El Barco, Cardos Peralillo and San Miguel are the chosen ones to receive God's visitation in their people, in their families.
They are cheerful, charismatic young people with a simplicity that is hard to find in today's society. They begin their day in the best way possible, by entering into dialogue with the Lord through prayer. It is also necessary to nourish their bodies and something no less important is "formation", learning to transmit and to know how to listen. Little by little they begin the journey as they walk, they travel the streets, the dusty roads, they meet the country people, they visit homes, the people anxiously await their arrival: I knew you would come... we were waiting for you... help yourself to a little juice... don't go yet, were the words that came out of the mouths of those who were blessed by their visit. Family ties are being created that will undoubtedly last in time. It is the passage of God through our land, through its people and families and in each one of them we could see how God keeps his promise to love us eternally. Thank you Sister María del Carmen, Sister Luisa, Sister Sandra and Sister Máxima, for accompanying, forming and guiding these boys and girls and bringing them to this beautiful colchagüina land.
May God bless you and may Our Lady of Mount Carmel always protect you from all dangers. So be it.

            Patricio Peñaloza

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