The CM 2020 Youth Mission in Calingasta, San Juan, Argentina, was held from 4 to 12 January. Some of the young people who took part tell us their testimonies. They are happy to have participated and ratify the motto ....."Christ lives and wants you alive".

I'm Juan Manuel, they call me Pepe, I'm from Barreal, Calingasta. I participated in the Carmelo Mission 2020, "Christ lives and wants you alive"..

I am sure that this mission changed my life, the way I see the world and myself.

Like many of today's young people, I was also involved in things that distanced me from God, I think it was to take refuge from all the mambos I had, I was in the youth group but not 100% committed. Seeing the reality of many young people made me rethink my way of living, seeing Jesus in every house I visited and seeing that every family that opened the doors of their house to me needed to hear from God made me want to follow Him with my 100%.

They say that no one is a prophet in his own land, but I believe that the fact that the people in Calingasta, especially the young people, see me happy to follow Jesus, is already evangelising. I want the people here to get to know him as I got to know his love in the mission. As a young man from Calingasta, I am committed to persevere in my faith and to spread the joy of following God to the young people of my town.

Pepe (Barreal, San Juan)

Hello! My name is Exequiel, I'm 18 years old, I'm from Barreal, San Juan. Last week I participated in the "CM 2020 Youth Mission", it was one of my best experiences, something that was a bit strange at the beginning because you don't always go on a mission, but this time I went prepared and at the same time I was afraid. Fear of getting away from someone, fear because at the beginning I was very shy, because I didn't know anyone, although I was with two of my friends from Barreal. As the days went by, things changed completely, I started to socialise with the boys and girls little by little, they started to like me, although of course they were difficult days because we had to get up early, something I'm very bad at! But I did my best!

I met other new Carmelite Missionary Sisters, it was a bit difficult for me that the sisters I know, the ones in Barreal, were not in my group, but I was able to understand and I enjoyed the moments I was able to share with them?

The sisters helped me a lot and encouraged me to continue on this path of faith, not to give up for anything because God will help me at all times.

And all the guys (missionaries) told me to count on them, they cheered me up and helped me when I was bad these days, thank you all!

Exequiel (Barreal San Juan)

"If we trust "anything is possible

Carla in the "Pampa del Leoncito".

Hi, I'm Carla from Misiones and I'm 21 years old. To start 2020 in the best way possible, I participated in the CM Youth Mission held for the second time in Calingasta, province of San Juan. The truth was a very beautiful experience, where I was able to meet many young people who carry the same thing in their hearts as I do, Jesus.

I was able to take Jesus to children, young people and adults who perhaps do not know him or have forgotten him. Bringing him to these people fills my heart, I feel very blessed because through this mission and the previous ones in which I participated, I was able to change my way of being, thinking and acting in different situations of everyday life.

At the beginning, it seemed impossible to participate in the Mission with the group of Missions, since the cost of transportation to San Juan was very high, but with much prayer and faith we were able to participate with 13 youth from my province! I am very happy with everything that our Daddy God and our Mother Mary do, "if we trust" everything is possible, with faith and prayer, anything can be done! God accommodates, arranges and resolves every circumstance in the best possible way. Sometimes it takes a long time, but it is worth waiting, it is worth trusting....

Pulsating the "Murga Misionera".

At the end of this brief testimony I would like to thank God, for his beautiful providence, for being able to participate in the Mission. I also want to thank all the people who in one way or another helped us to be able to go (acquaintances, relatives, friends, etc.) Infinite thanks to all of you!

I am very happy, my heart is bursting with joy! Thanks also to the Carmelite Missionary Sisters for making this Mission possible.

Jesus wants to see us happy always and says "I am alive and I want you alive" as the motto of this Mission 2020 expresses it.

With love, Carla (Misiones)

"The mission, the best way to spend my holidays".

Fabio Pinheiro

I am Fabio Pinheiro, a young missionary from the Province of Misiones. During the first days of January, as I have been doing for some years now, I participated in the Carmelite Missionary Carmel Summer Youth Mission, this time in the community of Alto Calingasta.

The truth is that I am once again surprised with all that it means to be a missionary, with all that God gives us, and with the opportunity to participate as general coordinator, which for me was a new challenge and an opportunity to see once again that if I give myself into God's hands, everything works out in the best way.

The truth is that words cannot describe what it means to be a missionary and to carry the Word of God, their acts of love for us are inexplicable. Without a doubt, the summer missions are for me the best way to spend my holidays. Once again I left full of life and peace. A peace that I would love for more young people to experience.

Missionary Murga in Alto Calingasta

To the young people of Calingasta, to those who were able to participate in the activities we proposed and learn more about God and to those who could not, I wish with all my strength that you can open the doors of your hearts so that God can work wonders in you, just as He has done in us and continues to do so day by day.

In this Mission I felt an inexplicable joy to see a young person participating with us, in this case Ezequiel (Chuzo). Young man, with whom I had the grace to speak at the Youth Easter held in April of last year 2019. Thanks to so many young people like him, who open their hearts to God give so much joy to the missionaries.

Sincerely yours. Fabio Pinheiro, (Panambí, Misiones)

"An unforgettable and unrepeatable experience".

Hello! My name is Verónica Gisell Garyluk, I'm 21 years old and I'm from Dos de Mayo, Misiones, Argentina.

First of all, I am very grateful to the Carmelite Missionary Sisters for allowing me to participate in this Mission 2020, which undoubtedly has been, is and will be an unforgettable and unrepeatable experience in my life.

It is a feeling of happiness and fulfilment that does not compare to all the luxuries we have in everyday life. 

It was a total turning point in my life, which made me see and understand so many things, and above all I learned a lot, I was able to know myself better and feel again the call of God, which without a doubt, this time was much stronger, I am more and more sure that his works are wonderful.

Vero in activity with the children

I have no doubt that the Lord was preparing my heart and guiding me in every detail that came along the way. We all go through hard times in life, when it is hard for us to get up, but God is so great that He encourages us to continue and to discover that everything that has happened to us is a learning experience for our lives.

From now on I commit myself to continue firmly with my Yes, especially walking very close to our Lord, together with the little Virgin, allowing myself to be surprised by them. Because without them we are nothing.

I met some incredible people that I will always carry in my heart and above all I hope that very soon we will meet again.

I can only say thank you and be in prayer for all of you.

Thank you very much CALINGASTA!

Eternally grateful ...


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