My name is Alice AngoraI come from a Christian family, but not a practising one. I started with the catechesis of the children in my neighbourhood. I was baptised and confirmed. On the day of my confirmation, I asked the Lord for the grace to give him my life. But I was slow to respond. I continued my studies without thinking about this promise. I didn't know what a vocation was or if I had one. In the city where I lived there was a religious congregation where I went from time to time. I had a nun friend with whom I shared my family problems, but I never talked about vocation, nor did she ask me. However, I felt that I was attracted to something, because I liked to go and pray with them. Shortly after that, my friend left. I didn't really think much of it and went on living my life like any other young woman of my age. I finished my studies and started to work and to organise my life, but all this didn't fill me, I felt an emptiness that I couldn't explain. I asked myself questions about the meaning of my life, what to do, especially at that time when I already had a job. Looking for an answer to my inner emptiness and my worries about the meaning of my life, one Good Friday after I had made the Way of the Cross, I asked myself this question: Would I have believed if I had lived in the time of Jesus?

But an inner voice answered me: "If you don't believe now, you wouldn't have believed in Jesus' time either..." That day I went home with many questions and inner confusions. From then on I was looking for answers... I participated in prayer groups and many activities in my parish, but I felt that this was not fulfilling me either. I felt that there was something else.

I was lucky enough to find a spiritual director to accompany me, he made me meditate on many texts, but I will refer to three that really helped me to make up my mind.

The text on the parable of the sower (Lk 8, 14), the seed had fallen among thorns, because many things, vanities, as "the saint" says, prevented me from responding to God's call, what soil am I?

Then the parable of the labourers in the vineyard (Mt 20:1-15), God calls everyone at different times. I didn't think I was worthy of this call, I felt I didn't deserve it, looking at my past, what I had lived through made me feel so sinful that I resisted the call.

And finally, the call of Levi (Lk 5:27), which enlightened me and helped me to make the decision.

Little by little I started to look for congregations with the help of my spiritual director. One Good Shepherd Sunday, different congregations presented their congregation and among them, the Carmelite Missionary Sisters. I liked their spirituality and wanted to know more. At first I started as a member of the Secular Missionary Carmel (CMS), but then I understood that the Lord was asking me for something more. So I expressed to the sisters my desire to get to know them more closely. I had an experience with them and I liked it. From then on I decided to leave everything, my job, my possessions and enter the convent, and so I did. I started my formation process and I am here in Salamanca preparing for my perpetual vows.

I thank God for his love and presence in my life.

I am very grateful to the congregation that has given me this opportunity to follow Christ.

The Lord always asks me for more and today too, he is asking me to give myself totally. To all the young people who will read this vocational testimony, may they know that God continues to call and may they not be afraid to say Yes to God's dream. God needs each one of us to build a world of peace and happiness. He never abandons us. And if you ever ask yourself: Why am I in this world? Surely God's answer will be: COME AND FOLLOW ME.

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