This phrase of our founder, Blessed Francisco Palau, sums up the experience of God in my life. The Lord, like a good shepherd, guides and accompanies me always. In him I can trust and experience that I am safe at his side, that his grace sustains me. That is why I am infinitely grateful for his love and mercy, for calling me to serve him in the Church as a Carmelite Missionary Sister.


Throughout my experience of encountering Jesus, I have been discovering the strength and beauty of my vocation. For this reason, last December 8, 2019, in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, we lived intensely the celebration of my definitive consecration to Christ: poor, chaste and obedient, with the desire to make of my existence a joyful witness to the Lord.

service of the Kingdom being   prayerful, fraternal and missionary.


The Lord did not call me alone. The Congregation of the Carmelite Missionary Sisters is a family in which I experience fraternity, joy and communion. A community of sisters who accompany me, encourage me and pray for me. Women free to go where the Lord calls us.


I feel happy and hopeful to continue to love and serve the

Lord all the days of my life, with my heart available, with no strings attached, to say, HERE I AM LORD, to embrace your way of life. Therefore, I want to encourage young women who have vocational concerns, not to be afraid to answer the call.


YOUNG! If you give your life to the Lord, He gives you LIFE in abundance. A life that neither money, nor fame, nor pleasure can buy, only Jesus is the great treasure and the precious stone of unparalleled price.

  Marina Ester Guevara Ortega, CM.

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