A veces tenemos a nuestro lado verdaderos “superheroes” y pasan desapercibidos. Hoy nos acercamos a una persona que representa un verdadero “superheroina“.

Lola Bonilla de Granada (España) nos cuenta su testimonio ante la enfermedad, espero que después de leer esto, pienses que los superheroes existen de verdad.

¡¡¡Gracias Lola!!!  por tu experiencia vivida y compartida, hoy nos haces sentir que “la vida es bella” y que lo más importante es la actitud con la que nos ponemos frente a las situaciones que nos llegan. Eres una verdadera testigo del amor de Dios que no pasa nunca. ¡¡Estamos contigo!!


     When life stopped me in my tracks (September 2016), I didn't understand anything, I barely had time to react because the treatment was imminent and they give you no respite. The pace of life was like that of most people in our society (hectic), with a job that I loved and that allowed me to be next to the Lord's favourites (a real luxury) with colleagues whom I loved and love very much, with whom I have grown personally and professionally. A lovely family that has always taken great care of me (I am the youngest of four siblings, "the spoilt one"), especially my sister, who was the one who, like Andrew showed Peter what he had found, showed me and pointed out the way. And children who, although at certain times exhaust me, I have enjoyed them very much and continue to do so today as much as I can.

God had been present in my life since I was a child, thanks to the faith that my mother had passed on to us and for which she always watched over us through her prayers and her good work with us, her children. "I thank you Father

for thou hast revealed these things unto the simple"....This was the reading chosen for the day we were bidding her farewell. How God speaks to us through his word!

Life stops me and places me with the weak. At this moment and in other moments I have visualised the scene in the Garden of Olives where Jesus asks for the chalice to pass...

I knew it was going to be hard to get through here, but as always He was going to be with me as He promised. I asked Him for a lot of strength because we were all very scared, especially my children. I knew that if they saw me well everything would be much easier. I also asked Him for an attentive look to see what He wanted me to see....

My illness, cancer, has allowed me and continues to allow me to be closer to God. To feel loved and cared for by Him and all that He gives me, through the affection of the people He puts in my path. From the first moment I have received immense affection from the Carmelite Missionary Sisters, from the Secular Missionary Carmel, from PROKARDE (NGO of the Carmelite Missionary Sisters), from the Association of Mothers and Fathers of Students of "El Carmelo" School in Granada and from all the people who have done me so much good with their prayers and affection. The treatment goes hand in hand with medicines and a large dose of prayer and affection, which I still need today.

To enter into a scenario of illness, of uncertainty. Feeling weak, fragile, stripping my soul bare and removing everything that hinders me from seeing what is really True, what is authentic and delighting in its beauty, as St. John of the Cross tells us. This has been and is a process not without pain.

Was it necessary to pass this way... Well, perhaps it was. As a good and merciful Father, you take me in your arms. This is how I have felt in my weakest moments, held and cared for, super cared for. Hence the strength that I have been able to have with my children, fundamentally, a strength that the Lord has given me, only in Him do I become strong.

The Lord grants me, as I asked Him, a sensitive look at the pain of others, a desire to understand their things and not so much my own and to be attentive to what He wants to tell me through His word, His gestures, His love, His pain?

When I think of all the moments (chemos, radios, operations, tests, more tests, more tests, more tests, more tests, more tests, more tests, more tests, more tests, more tests, more tests, more tests.bas...), and You, Lord, always at my side, sharing my fears, my tears, my labyrinths... and You always with me, weaving an intimacy and a stronger Love that allows me to see reality with different eyes, to discover that only the Lord can heal the deepest and most painful wounds, making it worthwhile to see Him and to feel Him ever closer.

It is incredible what the Lord is capable of doing if we let Him, how He uses the different situations of our lives to show Himself and bring us closer and closer to Him.

I am still in a scenario of illness and uncertainty, like so many other people, but I feel so fortunate to feel close to God, because God looks at me and puts before me new situations in which to continue discovering Him, to continue loving, to continue sharing....

I am aware of my weakness and fragility, the one that frightened me so much at certain times, the same one that has allowed me to feel deeply loved. As Saint Paul says, we carry a great treasure in earthen vessels.

In one of the prayers of the CMS we had to take a phrase from Father Palau, the one I had to say referred to detachment and said: "Everything that is not God and his love, the rest I give very cheaply and all possession is a nuisance to me".

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