It was Christmas 2017. Little by little the dream took shape, time and space. After several contacts we managed to harmonise our agendas and those of the communities that were going to receive us: Gujarat boarding schools and the Andra Prhades community.

On 29 October, Emilio, Manolo and I met each other shortly before boarding the plane from the Emirates that would take us to Mumbai where, after a 15-hour journey, we were met by Sr Marykutty, provincial of India.

We have been introduced to four of our boarding schools and dispensaries in Gujarat. Life is a daily miracle. It takes very little to weave it. The daily lives of these girls between the ages of six and sixteen revolve around sharing their lives with simplicity, joy, gratitude and, like all girls, mischief. Everything is recycled and put to good use. Everything is perfectly harmonised: study, food, cleanliness, work, play, dance, joy...

We visited the women's self-help groups which have been our projects and which now have an acceptable degree of autonomy. They have opened a "women's bank", they work as weavers or sell in the little shop that we also visited. It is important not to neglect the integral human formation, the work and the promotion of savings, which helps them to have a small individual "cushion" and a collective help.

On Sunday we participated in the celebration of Sharmila's final vows. It was held in Dediapada. Sharmila is from a nearby village and is one of the girls in the boarding school. The whole village turned out and the older girls delayed the start of their holidays to participate in the ceremony and the party. As if the world stood still, the ceremony was going on in the big hall set up as a chapel, full, everyone sitting on the floor, only the prayer, the music and from time to time the whining of a baby, nothing else. We were out of time. Especially us, who didn't understand a word, but the atmosphere, the prayer, enveloped us with a great warmth and made us feel one with so many people, so different and so equal.

Twenty-four hours by train. A whole experience that has taken us back several years or to a film world. Day and night with a constant clatter and we arrived in Andra where Sister Beatriz Martinez, fifty-two years in India, was waiting for us.

Here too there are women's groups that in some ways, though without a bank of their own, function like the groups in Gujarat. They assemble surge suppressors, from the first step to the packaging for the market. A national factory supplies them with the necessary material and buys the finished product from them. There are about 100 women divided into three production groups.

And a few kilometres away from the mission, on the seminary grounds, the medicinal plants. Several hectares of Lemón Grace are almost ready to be harvested. It will be the first mature crop after two years and they have high hopes for it. The plant will be liquefied and ready to be marketed. We have to look for a market, we are still in the first steps.

Emilio, with the help of Beatriz and Josi, his foreman, has bought 11 goats that have been distributed among four families. Perhaps, in a few months, they will have a small herd to help the family economy.

Like the evangelist, I have no choice but to say: "I still have many things to tell you", but we do not want to make this communication too long and I do not want to go on too long. Thanks to the sisters who, here and there, have made these days and this experience in such a different culture and life possible. Thanks to Emilio and Manolo who have been wonderful travelling companions, thanks to PROKARDE who help me to live with these realities every day, and thanks to the Lord who has his preferences among the little ones and the abandoned of the earth; these glances and these lives remain in my heart and will form part of the substance of my life, while we return to ordinary life, to orderly vehicle traffic, to the comfort of the shower, to food without spice, to work in front of the computer and the hours in the classroom with these children who no longer have books, like the girls in the boarding schools, they have their laptop, the girls have their blackboard, the boys have their wardrobe full of clothes and their room shared with their brother at the most, the girls keep their few belongings in their suitcases and sleep in rooms with 30 other girls, hopefully of similar ages. Girls so alike and yet so different, people, so alike and yet so different,... life goes on.

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