Today we have received the testimony of a teacher from the Escuela Básica de Lo Prado in Curacaví, Chile. This also brings us closer to the reality of the difficulties experienced by teachers due to the pandemic situation, which has meant that they are no longer present and close to their pupils. They have to look for strategies to continue to pay attention to the pupils. Thank you for your dedication and devotion!

The educational experience of the online classes with the first year of primary school was quite enriching. At the beginning it was something that left me a bit uncertain, looking for answers, trying to imagine and create strategies at a distance that would allow me not only to provide the children with educational content and knowledge, but also to provide them with affection, support, joy and motivation, so that they and their parents could follow the strategies at home of a distance learning that requires the acquisition of independent study habits and perhaps a little self-taught and very disciplined.

My biggest surprise was when I saw the fruits of learning and the joy of the children in first grade, how they were adapting to such a complex way of studying, learning from a distance and autonomously. It is not so easy for a first grader to learn to read in this way; it was the biggest challenge. I based my teaching on the semantic learning of the whole word, vocabulary enrichment through short stories, phonological awareness and associating each consonant that was discovered with an everyday object or experience in their environment; and in each class I reinforced what had been learned previously, this made for constant feedback; trying to incorporate new dynamics and strategies every day so that the children did not lose the thread and motivation.

In this way, most of the children are now reading independently. Of course, all the credit goes to the parents who were by their children's side, helping them, supporting them and reinforcing each activity proposed. All my respect, love and consideration for these first grade parents who have been the real heroes and heroines in this complex moment of the pandemic.

Remembering that Jesus our God made man is our great teacher par excellence, He is the one who gives wisdom to both parents and teachers to be able to teach with love and dedication to every child. Jesus taught the disciples by means of parables, in a clear and simple way, and not only adults thirsty for the Word approached him, but children also approached him; and that is when God clarifies and says: "...".Let the children come to me, and do not be afraid of them. lo prevent; because from such is the kingdom from the heavens". Matthew 19:14.

So it is a great commitment that God reveals to us in His Word, which is based on an early teaching of our students in spiritual values, so that in the future they will be good women and men, to serve God and society.


                                               Gleidys María Machado de Guedez

First Year Teacher

El Carmelo Elementary School - Lo Prado - Curacaví- Chile





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