You have called me

The Lord continues to call young people to sow hope in this world that needs it so much. Today we approach the testimony of Rosmery Ifeoma Eze from Nigeria. She felt the Lord's call and even with the uncertainty that not knowing the new life gives you, but nevertheless she launched herself, as Saint invites us […]

Here I am send me

On this occasion the testimony comes to us from Sr. Ifeoma from Nigeria. That he has heard the invitation of the Lord to follow him in Missionary Carmel and his response has been "Here I am, Lord, send me." The joy and happiness that you transmit is because you carry the Lord within you. That you are the bearer of that illusion and […]

Echoes of San Fernando

Today the testimony comes to us from the hand of the Home for the Elderly of San Fernando in Chile. Thank you very much for your dedication and for bringing us closer to what that mission is being in you. May the Lord continue to bring you his strength to continue making him present among these people who need him so much. […]

Something new keeps sprouting

At the height of Advent we traveled to Nigeria and we give thanks to Immanuel, God with us who continues to call young people to work in his harvest. Thanks to Sr. Rosmery who has made her perpetual profession in the Carmelite Missionary Congregation. He wants to give his life entirely to the cause of the Gospel. The Lord […]

Be done

"Your will be done to me, Lord", this is the answer given by the young Carmelite Missionary Puspha, when after years of preparation in the Carmel Missionary family, she has been willing to give her life generously to the Lord. Thank you sister, we wish you all the happiness in this new life that you are now beginning. […]

Commitment to Creation

The sisters of the “San José” community of Kerala, of the San Francisco Javier Province, India, tell us about their commitment to live this V anniversary of Pope Francis 'encyclical, Laudato Si', following the charism of our founder, Blessed Francis Palau trying to live communion. Collaborating in the construction of a society […]

Send me

We thank the Lord for the response of Kiram, a young Carmelite Missionary from India who tells us her vocation testimony. He has heard the call of the Lord and has said HERE I AM, SEND ME !! We thank the Lord for the call and we encourage you to always be faithful to Christ who is the way […]

Thanks to life

Today we are approaching Ecuador. A Castilian saying says: Well born is to be grateful !!. Sandra wants to express her gratitude to God, to life, to the sisters, to the people who have made it possible for the family to overcome the disease ……. My name is SANDRA LUCIA Six months ago our lives […]

Another new hero

Impressive testimony of faith of a member of the Secular Missionary Carmel of Betim in Brazil who has overcome Covid-19. Thank you very much Rondineles, you bring us closer to your experience and with it to the God of life, who manifests himself through the people around us and we feel close to him in the family. Since […]

Time of Creation and CM

We approach the activities and involvement of the Carmelite Missionaries and Secular Missionary Carmel in this time of Creation. With the certainty that caring for the common home is collaborating in God's Creative Work. Thank you for your testimony.


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