Weaving Hope


Province "Nuestra Señora de las Virtudes" Colombia


To generate processes of dignity in the families of the "Las Malvinas" neighbourhood, through the comprehensive training of adults, young people and children, the strengthening of leadership and networking.


The indicated population has established itself as a squatter settlement on land belonging to the GRU company at Guarulhos international airport.

The target groups are families in this neighbourhood where there are high levels of poverty, few employment and education alternatives, and where the youth and children are exposed to great social risk.

This initiative aims to empower existing leaderships, strengthen the union, networking and commitment of all.


- Support has been provided with 800 basic food baskets and hygiene kits to the families most affected by the COVID 19 contingency.
- Motivation and involvement of: leaders, benefactors, volunteers and beneficiaries in the project.
- Dissemination and awareness-raising of the project through graphic and audiovisual material, generating commitment of resources.
- Networking with other organisations and CMS has been strengthened.

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