Promoting lay people for community development


Province "Blessed Francisco Palau" Philippines


Develop a training programme for the 8 leaders of the parish of San José Obrero, extended to the leaders of the 29 chapels and the Christians of 7 zones in the region of Siay.


This area of Mindanao suffers from terrorist violence and Christians try to live peacefully with Muslims, other faiths and the various indigenous tribes. The role of Christian leaders benefits social cohesion and peace among all members of society.

Due to the mountainous geography, transport and care for the small Christian communities is difficult.

The project consists of training leaders through meetings and seminars over a period of two years.

At the same time, a multiplier effect is planned for the population of the Siay region.


- Comprehensive training and education for the leaders of 26 chapels.
- Close contact with families in all communities.
- The participation and involvement of lay people and teamwork has improved.

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