Promotion of health to mother and child and prevention from covid-19 Kiralaga


Province "St. Francis Xavier" India


Promote a nutritional health programme for 200 mothers and 200 children, and training for women, health promoters and village leaders in Kiralaga, in order to strengthen integral development and quality of life.


Project aimed at women and children with nutritional problems.
Health promoters and leaders from 10 villages will be trained.
Once a month there will be training in hygiene habits and pre- and post-natal care for the women: they will be trained in vegetable gardening and medicinal plants.

Of all the states in India, Orissa has the largest number of tribes, as many as 62. It is a poor district, relying on food gathering, hunting and fishing. Farmers provide livelihood for 6-7 months. Social problems present in the area: alcoholism, migration, unemployment, predominantly illiterate. Women after childbirth work in the fields, so they neglect the nutrition of their newborn children.


- The process of Foscarmis project has begun in November 2020 with the survey of the Antenatal Care (ANC) and Post Natal Care (PNC) mothers in 10 villages. The health worker and Asha leaders along with the sisters have visited 5 villages and have identified the mothers.
-As we are continuously facing the Pandemic, we are careful and taking precautions and distributing masks and keep distance in serving the people.
-Mask distribution for the children to prevent them from COVID 19. During the survey found weak children and provided medicine and Homemade Horlicks .
- Situation in the villages still down, can't move freely and reach out to the needy, slowly with lots of prevention measure going to the villages.
- Training 60 women, 74 health promoters and leaders from 10 villages in hygiene habits and pre- and post-natal care for women.
- 104 women have developed the cultivation of vegetable gardens and medicinal plants.
- Medical care for women, children and the elderly, through health campaigns and the promotion of natural medicine.

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