Women building hope


Province "Nuestra Señora de las Virtudes" Colombia


Promote equal opportunities and gender equality, training 45 women in the department of Nariño in the design and manufacture of handicrafts and crafts, enabling them to enter the labour market and obtain economic resources.


Pasto is the capital of the department of Nariño. The main problems affecting women in this area are: gender-based domestic and community violence, domestic and labour exploitation, limited access to education, and impediments to insertion into the economic and labour system.

The project consists of training women displaced from the countryside in the design and manufacture of handicrafts and handicrafts.

It is developed along 4 lines of action:
1. Training in handicraft production techniques .
2. To provide training in human-Christian values.
3. Promote the solidarity economy through training in entrepreneurship and the generation of micro-enterprises.
4. Promote networking with other organisations.

45 women heads of household, from the department of Nariño in Colombia, courageous, fighters, resistant and resilient.


- 30 women trained in handicraft-making skills, which favour empowerment and self-management processes.
- Strengthening of: self-esteem, leadership skills and values for positive interpersonal relationships.
- Learning about market strategies and participation in craft fairs.
- Motivation and integration in their environment, thus quality of life.
- Generation of economic resources to support the family.

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