Emancipation, the glory of women


General Delegation "Our Lady Mother of the Church" Kenya


Promote 150 girls from the integral formation in order to improve their self-esteem, participation and inclusion in society.


The project is aimed at:
To offer education and training in literacy, home economics, agriculture, moral-religious education, women's rights, the art of living, sewing and dressmaking to 150 girls between 12 and 20 years of age. The duration will be 2 years.

Women in Kananga are synonymous with submission and inferiority, most of them cannot read or write, and are considered fit for domestic work. Without education and knowledge of an income-generating occupation, they run the risk of falling into prostitution, delinquency and early pregnancy. Yet women are the economic and emotional breadwinners of the family.


- 85 young people have been trained, 38 have graduated and 47 have moved on to the second year of training.
- Hygiene has improved with the construction of showers and toilets.
- Acquisition of educational and technical material (button gluing and overcasting machine, fabrics, threads, scissors) to facilitate learning.
- Social assessment in the surrounding area, enabling the enrolment of 90 young people for the next course.

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