Young people with a future


Province "Nuestra Señora de las Virtudes" Colombia


To promote a psychosocial support programme for 30 young adolescents and their families in the Divino Niño neighbourhood in the municipality of Barbacoas, in order to improve their self-esteem and levels of participation in the transformation of their environment.


This project consists of:
Develop a comprehensive accompaniment plan for young adolescents and their families, including cognitive, ethical, affective, moral, social, spiritual, recreational, artistic and cultural aspects.
Form an interdisciplinary team for the implementation of the project.

The municipality of Barbacoas is located in the south-west of the country in the department of Nariño. Basic services are deficient, it is a marginal area characterised by: the consumption of psychoactive substances, sexual violence, child labour, common delinquency, armed conflict and inadequate management of additional situations such as disability and teenage pregnancy, which have a direct impact on young adolescents.


- A comprehensive accompaniment plan has been developed for young adolescents and their families.
- Articulation and linkage for the development of the project with institutions in the area.
- Formation of an interdisciplinary team for its implementation.
- Comprehensive care and training for 40 young people, contributing to the development of meaningful learning.

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