Feed them yourselves


Province "Nuestra Señora de las Virtudes" Colombia


To promote a food, health, psychological and legal care programme for people living in extreme poverty and migrants in the Retablo sector, in order to promote the integral wellbeing of the beneficiaries and their families.


The Sector del Retablo, where the project is being developed, is located in Querétaro; a large part of its inhabitants are engaged in informal work or begging due to high levels of poverty.
It is one of the most important transit routes for migrants on their way to the US; those who do not manage to continue their journey are forced to settle in the sector, exposing them to labour exploitation, marginalisation and exclusion.

The project consists of:
1. Provide healthy food three times a week.
2. To offer health, psychological, legal and human-Christian education and training.
3. Generate networking with other organisations.

80 people living in extreme poverty, including elderly people, migrants who live in the sector for a limited period of time (one or two months) and others who are passing through.


- 70 beneficiaries (including migrants) and their families living in extreme poverty received food.
- Comprehensive livelihoods care by the interdisciplinary team.
- Management and coordination with entities, benefactors and donors to strengthen strategies for the self-sustainability of the canteen and the project.

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