Connecting families to God's Dream


Province "Nuestra Señora de las Virtudes" Colombia


Promote a programme of digital literacy and appropriate use of technology, handicraft workshops and environmental care in 15 families in the 7th district of Ibagué, in order to prevent risks in adolescents and encourage their human and professional development.


The city of Ibagué is located in the central mountain range of Colombia, organised in 13 urban communes. Among the social problems that stand out are: water and environmental pollution, delinquency, unemployment, labour informality, theft, alcoholism, the sale and consumption of narcotics, domestic violence and suicide of young people due to the lack of meaning.
The project consists of :
- In providing families with basic systems training to enable them to help their children grow in human, ecological, ethical and spiritual values.
- Offer formative workshops to adolescents on human formation in the following aspects: meaning of life, self-esteem, valuing, knowledge and personal acceptance; and workshops on productive manual arts.


Project under development.

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