Cm charity medical outreach to the poor and immigrants across Lagos Islands.


General Delegation "Our Lady Mother of the Church" Kenya


To offer the poor and migrants in the periphery of Lagos access to health services to improve their quality of life.


The project is being developed on the outlying islands of the city of Lagos: Sabokoji, Bishopkoji, Tomaro, Igbologun and Idimagoro. These are communities of simple, poor and uneducated people.
The population consists mainly of immigrants from the Republic of Benin. Fishing is their main occupation and source of income; some are engaged in informal work. Three islands have small health centres, with poor services. On two others, there are no health facilities.
The project aims to:
-Brindar atención sanitaria a los pobladores de estas islas de la zona de Lagos.
-Reducing child mortality through immunisation.
Offering medical check-ups, laboratory tests, health education, treatment and vaccination.


1476 personas han tenido acceso a cuidados de salud de calidad.
Se ha concientizado, concientizado y aplicado vacunas a pacientas con hepatitis B.
Formación en hábitos alimenticios e higiénicos, reduciendo así la mortalidad infantil.

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