Support class for people in special situations


Vice-Province "Our Lady of Guadalupe" Central America and Caribbean


To help 25 people with physical, neurological and psychological disabilities in the municipality of La Laguna, enabling their integration into the education system, the family and society.


La Laguna is a municipality in the Department of Chalatenango. It is a mountainous and rural area; the staple food is maize.
The country's education system does not have an inclusive education programme for persons with disabilities.
The project is focused on supporting 25 adolescents, young people and adults with special abilities, who are excluded from public and private schools due to learning difficulties, both physical and neurological.
The following actions are planned to achieve the project:
1. Reopening of the integral training centre : school support, nutritional snacks and handicrafts.
2. School reinforcement for people with learning difficulties and special abilities.
3. Psychological attention, carrying out therapies with parents and guardians.
4. To provide physiotherapy for patients with motor difficulties.

25 people with disabilities and learning difficulties.


- Acompañamiento psicológico a las familias de los niños, para una mejor integración de las discapacidades de los beneficiarios.
- Se ha logrado motivación en los niños en el proceso de aprendizaje y autoestima.
- Se desarrollaron metodologías de trabajo didácticos que contribuyeron a la integración social.
- Mayor autonomía y responsabilidad en su higiene personal.
- Implicación de los padres de familia en el proyecto.

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