Our mission

The Missionary Carmel inherits from its founder the missionary disposition and spirit to go "wherever the glory of God calls me". 

Francisco Palau sees very clearly what his daughters have to do:

Wherever there is

  • a wound to heal
  • a pity to alleviate
  • a joy to celebrate
  • a hope to resurrect
  • a person to dignify
  • an injustice to overcome
  • a certainty to be confirmed
  • a faith and a love to share ... 

there we try to plant our tent as carmelite missionaries. "Watch him in this His body which is His Church, wounded, crucified, destitute, persecuted, despised and mocked. And under this consideration, offer yourself to care for him and to render him those services that are in your power. your hand".

Always in search of new horizons, we are simple but courageous women, open to universality, always friendly to open frontiers and paths of dialogue and collaboration. Committed to history, we feel sent to be close to the people, at the service of a wounded and needy world; sensitive and in solidarity with the poor and excluded, involved in projects for the promotion of women, displaced persons, immigrants; with new forms of presence that respond to the challenges of mission today, such as the forgotten indigenous populations. "... I am sending you and in the midst of the I'll tell you what you have to do".

Thus, the proclamation of the Gospel is carried out in many ways, as was the wish of our founder: dedication to the mission that is most needed in each place and at each moment. Today, several nations count on and welcome our prayerful, fraternal and missionary presence on the five continents. "My mission is reduced to announcing to the peoples that you, Church, are infinitely beautiful and lovable".

 In this way the congregation carries out its apostolic activity in Christian education, health care, mission "ad gentes", social ministry, youth ministry, pastoral care of spirituality and other forms of evangelisation. "Love of God, love of neighbour: this is the object of my mission.".

 And we continue to widen the tent, reborn and growing in shared mission with the laity.



Social Intervention

Parish Pastoral Care

Spirituality Centres

Youth Vocational Ministry
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