To foster education in faith, social values of honesty and acceptance, sportsmanship, respect and tolerance, to build bridges and not walls, young minds are formed and inspired by these values, not only through the acquisition of subject knowledge, but also through participation in various activities that give the opportunity to each and every child, irrespective of caste and religion, status and position, to "build universality" among them.

In our school in Ranchi, India, competitions related to comprehension and memory, which are part of the educational objective of our schools, were held. The students participated in large numbers and gained self-confidence not only to express thoughts, ideas, appreciate and thank God for such great gifts and talents. They also won many prizes that stimulated their interest.

To develop a sense of patriotism, some national holidays such as Independence Day are celebrated with great pomp and significance.

A Health Education session was held at the school, with educational, informative and timely instructions.

The Sisters enthusiastically participated in all the activities of the parish and the diocese, in addition to the school routine, to witness their solidarity with the underprivileged.

We seek to be an integral part of the lives of children and adults, families and communities, to cultivate harmony, unity and foster universalism with the notion that the world is a small village and we are one family as children of one God.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Community, Ranchi, India

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