Today the dream of the Carmelite Missionaries in Korea comes true, they can enjoy the new text of Constitutions and Applicative Norms in their own language. After a big job of translation, in which the sisters have been very involved, so that the meaning of each article is not lost at any time, since it is not always easy. But thank God, the professional work and the sisters, today it is reality.

The communities are receiving this new text of Constitutions and Applicative Norms with enthusiasm and with a serious commitment to make the content a reality, living in total surrender to the Lord, being living signs of fraternal communion, making our charism known as a life option that gives happiness and being involved in justice, peace, solidarity and charity with so many people who need it.

This Korean translation was approved by the General Council on September 28, 2020 and today we can have it in our hands.

In each community when the sisters receive it, they are making a moment of prayer and thanksgiving to the Lord. Bringing to memory and prayer so many Carmelite Missionaries who have gone before us and have given their lives to make the Palautian charism a reality. We thank God for the sisters who, without fear of anything, risked taking the leap and bringing the Charism to Korea. We join in the joy of all the Missionary Carmelites for this event.

Even in the midst of this situation that all humanity is experiencing, these are small rays of light that encourage hope and help to continue in the commitment to make the message of the Gospel present.. Called to live, summoned in Church, pray and serve….