On Saturday 6 May, PROKARDE held its annual assembly. A desired meeting and a welcome prepared with love and creativity by the school Mare de Deu del Carme del Prat de Llobregat. Teachers and young people from the school's Solidarity Committee invited us to listen to a special call: "Keep rowing", navigating in this sometimes difficult reality but also with great dedication and generosity.

It was a joy to meet, personally, we got into the PROKARDE boat with the conviction of forming a single human family, as Sister Gemma Martín, president, told us in her greeting. We were about 40 people live and about 35 on screen, while we continued to hear that in Prokarde we are called to be witnesses of the Gospel, rowing with other institutions and denouncing so many situations of injustice.

As is customary, we continued with the reading of the minutes, presentation of the 2022 report, presentation of the projects worked on with the partners and the economic situation. Gema Martín), vice-president (Monica Lorente) and treasurer (Sister Charo Alonso), which they accepted with confidence, knowing that they are not rowing alone.

Although it seems like a lot of work, we made our stops for a delicious mid-morning coffee and some of us "rowed" to the sweets that were rightly placed in the hall. After a morning of reflection and information, our "boat" was arriving at the dining room, around a well-stocked table is where friendships are strengthened, projects and illusions are born and desires to continue collaborating together in this mission of making a more just and livable world for all, especially for those living in poverty.

In the afternoon Olivia Ortega, director of the "centre de Promoción social Padre Palau del Prat", made us reflect on the situation of migrants arriving in our country. For a moment we were immersed in their stories, in the difficulties of getting ahead. Also stories with positive endings, thanks to so many people and institutions that welcome and collaborate.

One word and one feeling: THANK YOU, for the enthusiasm and generosity of everyone. Thanks to our Prat School for its welcome and organisation, to the teachers, to those who came from other schools in Barcelona, to the young people of the Solidarity Committee, and of course, to our delegations, the CM communities, the CMS, partners and donors. We were also fortunate to have the presence of Fr. Manel Serra, delegate of Missions of the Bishopric of S. Feliu de Llobregat. Looking around, we see each other, we recognise each other, we are family, Church, which in the midst of good times and storms continues rowing hopefully to reach port, which is a happy and dignified life for all.


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