This is what we could call this weekend, in which we have had different meetings, to advance in the development of the congregational projects.

On Friday at 18:00 hours we met the Congregational Commission for Youth Vocational Ministry, with the teams of YWAM from the American demarcations. Xinia Brenes from the Central America and the Caribbean, Diana Mora and Martha Cecilia Palacio from "Nuestra Sra de las Virtudes", Pastora Pérez and Ruth Maribel Gallardo from Chile and María José Cortés from Argentina, from the Commission, Sisters Joanna Gultz, Sandra Henríquez and Sandra Henríquez from Argentina. Pastora Pérez and Ruth Maribel Gallardo from Chile and María José Cortés from Argentina, from the Commission, the sisters Joanna Gultz, Sandra Henríquez, Loida Tortogo and Angélica Conde. The aim of this meeting was to share how the socialisation of the general guidelines of the Vincentian Youth Programme is being carried out in the different districts, as well as the adaptation to the reality of the commitment with young people in each place. We could see the enthusiasm with which they have received this document, as something alive, highlighting the novelty of working with young people from our charism, a project with a process that will help to continue accompanying young people from our identity as Carmelite Missionary Sisters.

On Saturday we completed the meetings with the CMS District Committees, advisors and coordinators of the CM, which are being held every month, to prepare the 4th International Assembly of the CMS, to be held in November 2022. On Saturday 2nd in the morning with the Continent of Asia and in the afternoon America and on Saturday 9th in the morning with the Continent of Africa and in the afternoon with Europe. The members of the CMS District Committees, the group coordinators and the Sisters advisors of the District and groups, as well as the CMS International Committee and Sisters Loida Tortogo and Angélica Conde, from the General Council, took part in these meetings.


The objective of this meeting was to evaluate the mission of the demarcation committees and the International Committee during the time they have been carrying out this mission. Before concluding all the meetings, a video was shared to stimulate the need for teamwork. We concluded with the best wishes to live these days in contemplation of the mystery of the Lord's love for humanity. And we remain present for the next meeting in May.

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