Sister Marivel Bravo Bejar cm, has been invited to participate in the Symposium organised by the Instituto Escurialense de Inverstigaciones Históricas y Artísticas held in San Lorenzo del Escorial.

There have been 50 quality works, where a journey through the world of emotions and the traces they have left in spiritual treatises, accounts of conscience, poems, iconographies, chronicles, autobiographies, sermons, diaries, etc. has been carried out.

Mariveld, of course, made his study and exposition of the subject. "The soul that walks in love neither wearies nor grows weary.
wearies". (Saint John of the Cross, Sayings 96).
In Carmel, a family of mystics, the traces of emotions in the spiritual realm are very present.

We congratulate Mariveld for his work and exhibition, which has given him the opportunity to bring the message of John of the Cross to a forum such as this one, with people from different social, cultural and religious backgrounds. And it has allowed him to broaden his vision and enjoy seeing how research is turning his eyes to the heritage that exists in Christian culture.

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