On 11 and 12 November the national Secular Carmelite Missionary Carmel of Chile met for its XI assembly in the community of San José de San Fernando, and in the premises of the Home, the members of the community Nuestra Señora del Carmen welcomed with love and open arms the other communities of the CMS of Francisco Palau de Huépil, Nuestra Señora de las virtudes de Lo Prado- Curacaví and El Vedrá - Santiago. The total number of participating members was 17 and two sisters Leonor Soza (national advisor) and Jacqueline Moraga.

The assembly began with a moment of prayer prepared by the members of the CMS "Francisco Palau" with the theme "Vocation at the service of love", thanking God for the vocation with the gift received to put ourselves at the service of others with those talents and abilities given by God through love as the seal of our dedication to the mission, because "love makes all things possible" (Fco Palau).

Marcela Castro, president of the national board of directors, addresses the assembly with a greeting to begin this meeting, and there is also space to listen to the greetings sent by Sisters Clara Inés and Lidia Mardones. Then the first topic of deepening was discussed: In a dynamic and novel way he develops the theme through introspective questions, then in a personal way to recognise our attitudes, aptitudes, strengths, weaknesses and external strengths, the motivation is made to leave our paper blank and let the Lord be the one who does, To the extent that I dare to build myself, I will be able to build with others and for others, to feel deeply loved in order to do and to be, we will achieve happiness by living our vocation in the Church with our aptitudes, attitudes, strengths and challenges.

The second presentation was by Mrs. Clara Palma, member of the association in Portugal, who shared the theme of the vocation of the CMS through the zoom platform. This was approached from her experience of how she came to be part of the association, through three main ideas: awareness, which consists of recognising the gifts and talents that God gives us to put them at our service, aware that the Holy Spirit dwells in us and works wonders in our lives.

Attention in the sense of bearing witness to my faith in the place where we live our daily lives and finally, availability, being attentive to needs, praying to talk to God, to discern where to go to serve, from the experience of feeling loved by God and loving the other as that torrent of love that flows unceasingly everywhere and when God is at the base, he is the priority in our lives in the midst of the multiple tasks and activities that he can carry out. Only love gives consistency to our lives.

During the Eucharist the members of CMS renewed their commitments and two members were able to make their first commitment: Mrs. Laura Rozas and Mrs. Herta Sandoval. On the last day in an atmosphere of prayer and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, we thanked God for this opportunity to meet as a family and to share the challenges and agreements to be worked on during the coming year. We thank the CMS community Nuestra Sra. del Carmen de San Fernando for the welcome, preparation and dedication in this fraternal meeting.

                                                                               San José Community - San Fernando

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