We the daughters of Blessed Francis Palau in the province of India celebrate the feast of our Founder and the four Sister Martyrs with gratitude and united with the whole Congregation. With one mind and heart present in various communities, countries and continents, we are united in one spirit during this celebration. We remember the efforts and the great work done by our sisters to continue the mission of Christ through our Congregation in the footsteps of our Founder.

Several communities celebrated the feast in different ways, internally or in parishes together with CMS and our boarding children.

All the communities had nine days of novena on the different themes based on the life of the Founder. We deepened the aspects of search, encounter and communion. We were also inspired by the phrase of Fr. Palau: The great work of God in man is done within (Letters 38, 2), which helped us to cultivate an attitude of conversion and self-knowledge that matures in our relationship with God and with others.

Some of the communities showed videos to the people and children based on Fr. Palau's life: his birthplace, caves and mountains where he prayed, his meeting with the Beloved Church in Citadel and where he founded our congregation. They were full of enthusiasm and eager to know more about Fr Palau.

May the zeal and enthusiasm of our founder help us to deepen our relationship with Jesus and with our brothers and sisters. May his spirit help us to fill the emptiness in our hearts and the desire to seek and serve our beloved Church.

St Francis Xavier Province, India

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