At the beginning of the six-year term, the General Council thought of Sister Teresa Fernández Laza, from the "Mater Carmeli" Province, to collaborate in the translation of documents that were going to be needed. When I phoned her to let her know, very happy and grateful for thinking of her for this congregational service, she said "Whatever I can do to help the Congregation, I am ready". . And so it has been, in his destinies, in his mission and in this congregational service. He enjoyed everything he translated and every email we received with the translation was of gratitude for the opportunity we were giving him and of appreciation and enjoyment with all that the Congregation is living. He enjoyed what he read to translate.

Today, we would like to thank her once again and we are sure that together with the Lord, Francisco Palau, Juana Gratias and so many Carmelite Missionary Sisters, she continues to translate all that the Congregation lives, and presents it to the Lord so that he may bless it and bear abundant fruit.

Teresa, thank you very much for your life of dedication and always with that smile on your face that showed the "love of God" and showed with your life that you made real the words of Francisco Palau feeling "...".How well cared for is he who trusts in God".

We recall here the first Congregational newsletter in which he accepted this mission which he was faithful to carry out until the last moment, when his health no longer allowed him to do so.

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