On the 5th of June, the Investiture Ceremony and Oath-taking of the 50 students who make up the School Brigade of our School took place.

The General Inspector is responsible for the training of these students and the objective of the School Brigade is to support the work carried out by the team of inspectors during recreation, meals, events and school coexistence activities. In this formative process, they receive training in first aid and emergency response.

One of the main activities of the School Brigade is to support the inspectorate team and the School Safety Committee in emergency evacuation exercises for all members of the community and, of course, in real emergency situations. To this end, they are familiar with the Institutional Safety Plan, which establishes the procedures and protocols for action.

This Ceremony began with the prayer and blessing of the students and then they took their oath. As a sign of their commitment to their mission, they received from the hands of the Headmistress, a piocha that goes on their uniform.

The Ceremony was attended by some guests related to security and rescue of people, Carabineros de Chile and Firefighters of Curacaví.

We value and appreciate the dedication and commitment of each of the students to their training as members of the School Brigade and their unconditional support for the safety of all members of the educational community.

María Hilda Farías Almonacid


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