Haciendo suyas estas palabras del Beato Francisco Palau, nuestro fundador. Han llegado a Roma las hermanas Fiona D`Cruz, natural de India y Liliana López, natural de Colombia, para incorporarse a la comunidad “Francisco Palau” , Casa General de Roma.

The assignment to Rome in both cases is to support congregational services. Both sisters have previously spent some time in Spain. Fiona at the Provincial House in Madrid, and Liliana López, at the Community "El Carmelo" in Salamanca.

They come happy, knowing that our being is missionary and this brings a dose of generosity and availability, to carry out God's will at all times, wherever we are needed, in the mission of making the Kingdom of God present here and now.

We welcome the two sisters and wish them a good landing in this city that has so much charm and never ceases to surprise those who visit it. And also to this international community of the General House. The family is growing.

Thank you sisters for your generosity!!!

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