30 years educating and evangelizing from the Palautian Charism


On November 06, the Community of Carmelite Missionaries and Educational Community School “El Carmelo” of Lo Prado, Curacaví- Chile, we dressed up, celebrating the day of Father Francisco Palau y Quer, Founder of the congregation of Carmelite Missionaries and kicking off the Anniversary of our School. Due to the pandemic, it had to be virtual.

The celebration of the Eucharist at 19:00 p.m., in the Parish of Our Lady of Carmen de Curacavi, preceded by the Parish Priest, Father Alex Ponce Pinto. We have the presence of some teachers, educational and administrative assistants, Parents and Guardians.

We meet as a family to give thanks to God, making a grateful memory of our history as an educational community that celebrates 30 years pupil y forming lives, advertising Jesus who walks with us.                                                                                                

Trust has been a permanent value in our educational and pastoral work, that is why we evoke the words of Psalm 22 which says: The Lord is my Shepherd, nothing can be missing. Certainly, if we have God, nothing can be lacking in our lives. This is how Father Francisco Palau testified, fully entrusting to the grace of God and of whom today we celebrate his life and prophetic mission, Legacy that we try to embody the Missionary Carmelites through our lives and works and in a special way, in this beautiful town: Lo Prado Curacavi- Chile.

We are in the midst of a pandemic of great magnitude, we entrust to our Founding Father, this moment of humanity and our educational mission Escuela "El Carmelo", which is under his special care and protection.

The presence of the community that celebrates the Love of Christ the Redeemer of Humanity, is an opportunity to strengthen our Faith and Hope that God is going to get us out of this difficult crisis and lead us on new paths never traveled in the past.

Certainly as Missionary Carmelites we are grateful to God for being here living and celebrating the passage of God in the lives of our students, families and all Educational Personnel, which, as CM, we recognize that it continues to be a great challenge to concretize the Palautian charism in the middle of this town that walks and makes history with us.

“When the school meets, here is Jesus in the midst of his students and the entire educational community. Here is Jesus to teach, assist, strengthen and accompany "in times of crisis." Fco.Palau.

Yes, our Mother, the Virgin Mary, model and finished type of the Church, was the missionary drive of Francisco Palau, in which, through her, he was channeling his missionary being through the Church and for the Church. We thank God for the presence of Mary, Mother of Carmel at our El Carmelo School. We thank Her, our Gardener, for teaching us how to live the virtues that she lived out of love for God and love for our neighbors, (cta 88). Mary, first Disciple and Missionary who, with her virtues, beautifies our Church, education and pastoral mission.

We thank the people who were able to participate in the Eucharist, given the situation, only those who lived in Curacaví, the School Pastoral Formation team, those responsible for organizing the celebration: Roxana Zúñiga, Sr. Luisa Escobar and Hna. Verónica Riffo, some proxies from the proxies' ministry and the sisters of the community. Sr. Máxima Moscoso and Hna. Sandra Henríquez.

From virtual distance, we tell them: 

¡¡Feliz Aanniversary dear Eschool The Carm it !!

                                                                                                                                          Veronica Riffo. Cm.