From Chile, the CMS greets you and shares with you the training that is being carried out at national level and virtually this first semester. The CMS Training Itinerary is being deepened by each community according to its own process, but for the last four years we have had national training (about 10 topics per year) that are born from the suggestions of the communities and where we are accompanied by different people according to the topics that are deepened.

This year this process was opened by our dear Laura Garita (CMS Costa Rica) who with her depth and dynamism made us value and delve into "The Pillars of CMS".

On Monday 5 June, we have just started the second theme "Liturgical Prayer", this time Fr. Héctor Gallado, liturgist, took us into the depths of this theme and how the liturgy is an action of the Church and for the Church and how it is the work of Christ the priest and of his Body, which is the Church, from the Sacrosactum Concilium, which resonates so strongly in us through the ecclesial mystery of Fr. On Monday 12th June, we will have the continuation of this theme.

We were very happy to have the participation of CMS members from Central America, Peru and Colombia. We thank the Carmelite Missionary Sisters who accompany us in these trainings.

In July the theme will be "Prayer in Francisco Palau" and we will be accompanied by Sister Jacqueline Moraga, advisor of the CMS of Huépil.

We thank Clara Inés, CMS International Coordinator, for creating the Americas Whatsapp group that allows us to invite and be part of the life of other CMS communities.

We send you our fraternal greetings.

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