In the community "Francesco Palau" Rome, the general house, we had the prayerful meeting proposed in the delivery of the General Formation Plan. The sisters of the community and the sisters of the General Government, 18 sisters in all, gathered together. In harmony with the Congregation, which is living this moment of grace, we felt that "something new is springing up".

With prayerful music we entered into silence to open our hearts and welcome the GPF document with all the richness and newness that it brings us. This is the time of commitment, of covenant and of Kairos, together listening to the Spirit, ready to welcome and commit ourselves to the challenge of living in formation.

The atmosphere in the hall spoke to us of celebration, wedding and joy. We were able to pour the water from the jars into the jars, as a welcome to the gospel of the wedding at Cana, recognising that the Lord does his work in each one of us and turns our water into wine that is given with joy and illusion.

We had a moment to share in pairs the questions about the attitudes we need to welcome this plan and make it the word and action of the Holy Spirit in each one of us and in the community, as well as to become aware of what we need to renew in each one of us to welcome the newness that is coming.

Lila Rosa, Superior General, the new General Formation Plan. This was done in an atmosphere of prayer with background music that helped to make it a moment of special encounter with the Lord through this gesture.

We thank all the sisters who have collaborated in bringing this document to light and ask the Spirit to help each sister and community to bring it to life.

Angélica Conde cm

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