Ten years of history of the International Juniorate of the Carmelite Missionary Sisters in Salamanca. A lot of life shared and a lot of commitment acquired. Today we join in thanksgiving for this time. They tell us how they have celebrated it....


As a juniorate community we celebrated on the 10th of September the 10th anniversary of the presence of this formation house in Salamanca. It was a very simple celebration, but very profound, very heartfelt and very grateful.

It was an opportunity to look back on the road travelled in these 10 years of history: 2010 - 2020, under the protection of the community "El Carmelo" of the Province of Europe, resident in Salamanca. Ten years in this intercontinental formative experience of preparation for perpetual profession. Ten years in which 96 junior sisters have passed through this house, 91 of whom are with us, which is a source of immense joy as we feel the vitality of our religious family and the great goodness of God towards us. Also 11 formators from Europe, Asia and Africa have given their missionary service to the Congregation since formation.

They are Sisters Esperanza Izco, Agueda García and Milagros Muguerza; they began with the impulse of the General Council in the person of Sister Cecilia Andrés, with the close accompaniment of Sister Lourdes Nadal, General Coordinator of Formation, and with the unconditional support of the Provincial Council of Europe in the person of Sister Pilar Miguel. The formation that used to take place on each continent now became a reality in the land of the roots, in the land of the origins, a sacred and charismatic land par excellence.

There are many faces and names that pass through our hearts... so many who have stimulated us, who have given us their wisdom and spirituality through the classes given and the experiential spaces and who have contributed to making this formative experience ever more enriching in the strengthening of the vocational option, also from an intercongregational sense, in openness to diversity, enhancing communion, strengthening our own and receiving it all as a gift.

In this celebration we were accompanied by our Discalced Carmelite Fathers who have always been with us with such a fraternal spirit; we also counted with the Fathers of the Carmelite Order who have their international novitiate in Salamanca and help us in the orientation of some workshops. Several priests of the Diocese who have always opened their doors to us on a human, spiritual and pastoral level also attended. Some lay people who work in Caritas, an institution to which we are linked so that the junior sisters can contribute their grain of sand on a social level in this Salamanca context. Five (5) Carmelite Missionary Sisters from Salamanca, Avila and Madrid were with us with great joy. We were a group of 25 people, just the number allowed for celebrations, given the restriction regulations in the city due to the pandemic.

Sister Carmen Ibáñez Provincial Superior of Europe was with us and led the toast with some heartfelt words which we share with you:

"A toast of GRATITUDE:

  • For what these 10 years have been in the vocational process and consolidation of so many sisters from different demarcations of the Congregation.
  • For all those who have participated in this formative process: sisters, religious, priests, laity .... And for the entities that have made possible the collaboration in the service of the junior sisters: parishes, Caritas, hospital, etc...
  • For the different Formation Teams that have accompanied them, giving the best of themselves in dedication, organisation and fraternity, today personalised in Carmenza, Dolores and Micaela.

A toast of TRUST:

  • In the good seed that has been sown here.
  • In the good land that has welcomed her.
  • In the Lord, who makes it fruitful and increases it so that it bears good fruit.

A toast to the FUTURE:

  • So that the course that is closing and the 10 years that are being celebrated will be an OPEN DOOR for new generations of juniors.
  • May the Mother Province of Europe maintain its charismatic vitality and continue to offer it to all the Demarcations of the Congregation.
  • And finally the wish that the junior sisters who have passed through here, those who are here today and those who will come... may they make the roots of the Charism that they have tasted in Europe grow in their hearts and feel the commitment to live it, to transmit it, to take care of it and to make it grow. May they never forget that it is the common patrimony of all Carmelite Missionary Sisters.

So let us toast with GRATITUDE, with TRUST and to the FUTURE".

So much for the words of Sr Carmen. Yes... we invite all those who read these lines and who have the Missionary Carmel in their hearts, to toast with us because God has sheltered us with a generous, full and overflowing measure as the apostle told us in the biblical text of the day; let us toast to the new generations of Missionary Carmelites who are faithfully recreating the Charism; let us toast to Sr. Lila Rosa Ramirez our Sister General and her Council for her loving attention and dedication to each sister from her being, always encouraging us to live as "Carmelite Missionary Sisters on the move".

Finally, we would like to share with you that we have received a "surprise" gift from the Santa Cruz de Vallcarca community; they presented the juniorate with the "Castellers" of Barcelona; it is the human tower that they make in the Catalan festivities and it has a deep sense of personal effort and community strength; and for us Carmelite Missionary Sisters it also has a deep charismatic sense of living communion in the midst of diversity; where we all contribute, where we are all valuable and we are all called to add and to build. Thank you Sisters.


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