"Everything I have done has been to please God and save souls" St. Therese the Child Jesus.

A bit of history: The Movement was born in a Carmelite context. It was 1st October 1992, feast of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, in the school El Carmelo in Bogota. The Eucharist was celebrated with the participation of 600 girls from the Missionary Childhood and the rest of the Educational Community. After this celebration there was an interview with two missionaries. "AD GENTES. Agustin Baima (Consolata in Italy) and Bro. Pablo Mandala (Comboni Missionary in Africa). They testify to their experience and make us aware of the importance of the URGENCY to help missionaries who have gone out to evangelise in other countries because some of them are going through very difficult and complex situations; inviting us to involve children, young people, families and religious in this commitment. This is how the "AD GENTES Movement

The aim of the Movement en: To spiritually accompany the missionaries. "AD GENTES, stimulating and supporting their pastoral work in the different countries and continents where they are sent.

Accompaniment has led to a gradual transition and the assumption of a SPIRITUALITY OF ENCOUNTER, that is based on the following of Jesus, and of Saint Therese, as patron saint of the Movement. "AD GENTES. Seeking closeness, dialogue and welcome to the priests and nuns present in the continents: America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.                                                                  MISSIONARY SPIRITUALITY of the ENCOUNTERThe life that comes to life in silence, in daily prayer, in the witness of life, in listening, in sacrifice, in dialogue with the missionaries, in the encounter with the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Rosary and in the CONTEMPLATION of a God who makes his way with us.                                                                                                                 At the moment they support the movement "AD GENTES". ten Discalced Carmelite Monasteries in Colombia: 1 OCD Bogotá, 2 OCD La Mansión (Medellín), 3 OCD Cali, 4 OCD La Ceja, 5, OCD Garagoa 6 OCD Sibundoy (Putumayo), 7 OCD Popayán, 8 OCD Pereira, 9 OCD La Estrella, 10 OCD Girardota, Contemplatives of the Carmel of Girardota and 10 Carmelite Missionary Sisters and laity.

This is how we accompany missionaries from America in 13 countries, in Africa 10 countries, in Asia in 8 countries, in Europe is three countries, and in Oceania in 1 country. For a total of 35 countries and 176 Missionaries (as) who have their Godmother/Godfather Ad Gentes. With this biblical text that illuminates our Movement  "Let all be ONE so that the world may CREATE". John. 17.21 we continue with our commitments to support the Missionaries and missionary Ad Gentes.

 Calling for the intercession of Saint Therese of the Child Jesusto keep on pouring "his shower of roses in the missionaries and for more godparents to support them spiritually.

                                                      H. Martha Ligia Acosta M, cm Movement Coordinator  

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