The digital world is changing rapidly, evolving, innovating; the Carmelite Missionary Sisters, like their founder, want to be present wherever there is the possibility to evangelise.
In order to continue advancing in this medium and to go on professionalising more and more our image in Social Networks and in the Congregational Web, we have had an informative and formative meeting to take steps in the construction of the Congregational Communication Plan.
Sisters Liliana López from Salamanca, Lourdes Pera from Argentina and Sadith Palomino from Peru, who are taking the course of Expert in Social Communication at the Pontifical University of Salamanca, also Sister Beatriz Mejía, from Rome and Sister Angélica Conde from the General Council, with Javier Melero, Doctor in Computer Science and Master in Data Science and Computer Engineer. Technical advisor for our website.
For the Carmelite Missionary Sisters, the media and information is a great challenge that requires constant renewal and commitment in order to transmit the good news and to keep our external image active.

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