"Your heart was made to love" (Francisco Palau)


The commission of Youth Vocational Ministry of the Congregation has met with the coordinating team of the Vincentian Youth Ministry of the Province "Mater Carmeli" Europe. Sisters Gema Martín, Cristina Martins, Joanna Gulz, Loida Tortogo and Angélica Conde participated in this meeting.

The aim of this first meeting is to find out how the implementation of the general guidelines of PJV is being carried out in the district.

Concerns, challenges, challenges and implementation were shared. The enthusiasm with which the sisters are working in this field was evident at all times. Even though they know that it is a difficult time and that today's work with young people is more about personal accompaniment than large groups.

They are in the process of socialising the general guidelines of the Vincentian Youth Programme, gradually adapting them to the different areas of the Province, from the communities to the mission sectors.

Among others, one of the most successful activities is what they call "Monte y Llano" which consists of a virtual meeting with young people every Sunday, where they reflect on the Word and this serves as a basis for an approach to the reality of these young people, their concerns and questions, in Poland they have also promoted the approach to young people through virtual meetings and now with the decrease in intensity of the pandemic they are returning to organise face-to-face meetings, which are much needed.They are also organising the European Youth Pilgrimage, a joint activity with the Carmelite family.

The meeting lasted about two and a quarter hours, and although it was a long one, it was positively valued, to feel that we are working in communion and giving each other light, always in favour of reaching out to the young people to bring them closer to Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

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