The Philippines has been hit by three typhoons in less than three weeks and by a total of 21 cyclones so far this year, This has been an addition to Covid 19 that had already reduced the funds available for the human crisis. For what is being necessary, more than ever the solidarity of people, to fight and help people dignified by these natural disasters. Both Eta and Iota hit northern Nicaragua like powerful hurricanes and lost strength when they made landfall. However, the intense rains that they caused left a trail of death and destruction in the Central American countries that were affected by this natural phenomenon. The love of neighbor …… Teach those who do not know, visit the sick, help the poor, clothe the naked, feed the hungry, etc. These are the works of love of charity of others. (Cta 99 Francisco Palau to the sisters of Ciudadela) The Carmelite Missionaries, faithful to their charism, feel called to be with those most in need. That is why they have organized humanitarian aid to be able to console and alleviate the suffering and need of so many of our brothers. Here we present a small sample of the love wasted by giving to others. If anyone is interested in sending a donation, do not hesitate to contact us.