Connecting, achieving good communication, linking people together in such a way that something can flow between them...

This gave rise to the idea, last year, of being able to "make a difference".CONNECT".  with our Carmelite Missionary schools, focusing the days on two main aspects: pedagogy and sense of belonging.

  • With regard to the pedagogical At the end of the conference, we asked one of the participants, Marisol Arias from the Santa Teresa school in Getafe, to write a short report on what the conference had meant and in the first paragraph she said:

"When we decided to become teachers, no one told us that educating would be such an exciting but complex mission. If we consult the wise woman who cleanses, fixes and gives splendour... To educate is to develop or perfect the intellectual, moral and affective faculties of the child or young person by means of precepts, exercises and examples. But with time a new concept intervened that nuanced our vocation, Neuroscience, and everything began to change in the future of the teacher".

  • The educational world is changing and schools are moving from classical and traditional models to more complex ones based on active pedagogies and digital competence. In other words, we are looking for our own innovative model, balancing those traditional models that really work.
  • Attention to learning processes, reflection on how we teach and how we learn, the leadership exercised by management teams, etc., are all factors in ensuring the desired success.
  • On the other hand, it is said that no one loves their homeland because it is the biggest, the richest or the most advanced, but because it is simply theirs. The same can be extrapolated to any other group, in this case to ours, to the group of the "Carmelite Missionary Sisters".
  • This is where the importance of sense of belonging that feeling or awareness of being part of a group, of a community... Depending on how many traits we share with members of a given group, we are more likely to identify with it, seeing these characteristics as evidence of being part of something bigger.
  • Thus: pedagogy-innovation on the one hand and sense of belonging on the other hand, are the two main objectives of this conference, exchanging experiences, good practices, taking ideas and, above all, working with enthusiasm on this ".feel part of this group"We are sure that, in spite of the moment experienced socially, and not being able to do it in person, we are sure that we will share.

The meeting has been divided into five days:

20 April Presentation of the conference in which we wanted to emphasise the organisation of the Carmelite Missionary Sisters in Europe by means of an explanatory video, presentation of our schools and explanation of the development of the conference.

21 April Presentation of "Good Practices" of the Early Childhood Education group of our schools on the following topics: Emotions and interiority

22 April Presentation of "Good Practices" from the primary school group of our schools on the following topics: Oral competence and solidarity.

28 April Presentation of "Good Practices" of the Secondary Education group of our schools in the following topics: Digital competence/ volunteering

29 April End of the conference with a "gift" for all participants: Conference by Juanjo Fernández on "Educating is the best": a talk about what we are from emotion, memory, reflection, motivation, HOPE, because... WHAT WE ARE IS THE BEST!!!


It has been very, very enriching that, thanks to these digital media, we have been able, on the one hand, to build bridges and strengthen ties, a sense of belonging, of FAMILY on the other hand, by being able to invite sisters involved in education from Poland, Colombia, Chile, Peru...

And... This is just the beginning!

In short, it has been a meeting that has served to strengthen the connection through the exchange of ideas, reflections and proposals. It has been a meeting where we have managed to CONNECT with our CM schools.

Once again, we would like to thank each and every one of the participants for making this possible and... We sincerely hope that we have all been able to fill that backpack that we teachers carry with ideas, resolutions and motivation!!!

                                                                 Isilda, Marta and Marisa

Ownership team


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