On 17 May we met in the assembly hall of the Theological Institute of Religious Life (VR). The attendance of members of various Social Entities, several sisters from the communities of Madrid and the presence of PROKARDE managed to fill the room ready to listen to the speakers of the round table with the participation of Mons. Santiago Agrelo, Archbishop Emeritus of Tangier, María José Mariño, Carmelite Missionary who participates in REDES (Network of entities for Solidarity Development) and moderated by the journalist Ana Pastor.

The reason that brought us all together was the presentation of the monograph of Revista VR (religious life) entitled "NGOs: an experience of communion in political advocacy". Throughout all the interventions, the answers to the following questions were revealed: What is political advocacy, why political advocacy, why now?

They share with us that each Congregation was born to discover that part of humanity that suffers and this is the political impact of our charisms, and over the years we have learnt the need to work together with the weakest, a sign of our shared mission. All our actions have a political impact. We want to become aware and take a definite stance, to take sides, in the face of the ills of our society. Political Advocacy is indispensable in RL, "getting involved", going out to others has its consequences.

What we do in private has an impact. Our way of life, what we say, commits us publicly. It is necessary to take care of the details of ordinary life: my clothes, my personal expenses, the food..., because we are called to coherence between life and faith, knowing that the God of Jesus of Nazareth is involved in human transformation and in the realisation of a world of brothers and sisters. We are invited to collaborate with Him.

Today it is important to act and defend in conscience the people who suffer injustice and we are invited to do it in a shared mission. Today more than ever we need to unite in order to have more possibilities to have an impact, that is the reflection that has been moving the NGOs that are part of REDES, and other social entities, throughout these years.

As Christians we are called to see the poor in the Body of Christ. Uniting "God and our neighbours" leads to the experience of Communion that mobilises us to work with diverse people and to push for a more just and humane future for all.

This is our faith-based advocacy.

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